Massage Therapy

Our service of therapeutic massage includes relaxation massages and therapeutic massages. Therapeutic massage can be an ideal way to remove tension from built up scar tissue or overworked muscles and joints. We can personalize a massage to your specific recovery needs. The clinic has several Certified Massage Therapists on hand six days a week, Monday through Saturday.  Contact us today to schedule a therapeutic massage.

Gift certificates are available.


Types of Massage Offered Include:



Typically the most well-known massage, Swedish massage is a relaxation massage the uses reaching hand strokes to massage muscles, improve flexibility and increase oxygen levels in the blood.


A relaxation massage is very similar in technique to the Swedish massage is its purpose is to relax the muscles and the person as a whole. Massaging movements are gentle and intended to relieve and relax.


A prenatal massage is ideal for women in any stage of pregnancy. This massage is used to relax and relieve tension related to carrying a child such as muscle cramps, tension and stiff joints.


Deep Tissue

A deep tissue massage combines relaxation and Swedish massage techniques with targeted work to chronic pain points and tension areas. This is intended to help your specific recovery and healing needs.

Hot Stone

A hot stone massage also seeks to offer relaxation and recovery. The hot stones relax the muscles quickly allowing for a deeper massage to release tension and relieve chronic pain.


Reflexology massage targets specific reflex points in your body found in your hands, feet and head. By targeting these areas, the massage relieves tension and stress in the reflex point and it offers relaxation and release throughout the rest of the body.


Relaxation massage  Swedish massage  Reflexology

Schedule an appointment for a relaxation massage or give the gift of massage and relaxation in Alexandria, MN. Look for coupons in local listings or call about gift certificates.